CNC machining

With over 20 advanced CNC machining centers, we utilize cutting-edge equipment to deliver high-quality components in aluminum and magnesium.

Our specialization lies in prototypes and small to medium-sized quantities, and our setup is optimized to ensure prompt delivery without compromising quality.

Overview of Our Machining Department

  • 20 state-of-the-art machining centers.
  • 4000 m2 manufacturing area with air-conditioning.
  • 3-axis and 5-axis milling and turning.
  • Automated solutions for unmanned operations.
  • In-house measuring and documentation capabilities.

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Our machines

Manufacturer Model Working area
Hermle C650U 1050x900x600mm
Hermle C42 800x800x550mm
Hermle C42 800x800x550mm
Hermle C22 450x600x330mm
Deckel Maho DMU 80evo 800x650x550mm
Deckel Maho DMU 60evo 650x450x450mm
Deckel Maho DMU 60monoblok 630x560x560mm
Hermle C400V 850x700x500 mm
Deckel Maho DMU 65 Monoblock 735x650x560mm
Deckel Maho DMC 75V line 750x600x550mm
Deckel Maho DMC 100V 1000x800x650mm
Deckel Maho DMC 50V 500x400x400mm
Mazak I200-S Ø650x1000mm
Gildemeister CTX 420 linear Ø450x650mm
Gildemeister CTX 510 Ø600x1000mm
Gildemeister CTX 420Y linear Ø450x650mm


Wenzel LH108 2000x1000x800mm
Wenzel LH87 1500x800x700mm

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Kvalitetsgaranti ved Formkon A/S


Offers will usually be prepared in 2 – 48 hours.

Kvalitetsgaranti ved Formkon A/S

Good flexibility and fast throughput times for prototypes.

Kvalitetsgaranti ved Formkon A/S

A competent partner for product optimisation.

Kvalitetsgaranti ved Formkon A/S

Automated solutions for unmanned operation which is particularly attractive for small series.

Kvalitetsgaranti ved Formkon A/S

Cast items
Special competencies and setup for machining of cast items.

CNC machining - our competences in brief

CNC milling

Our 3-axis and 5-axis CNC milling machines form the core of the department. Their high level of precision and flexibility allow us to handle complex jobs where the customers make heavy demands for tolerances, surface finish, etc.

Our primary production consists of prototypes and small series. Our machines are connected to MasterCam where all programs are made. The most recent investments have been made in automation, such as pallet exchanger, robot solutions and large tool hoppers. This allows us to run many more unmanned hours.


CNC turning

This department consists of 3 Gildemeister lathes with Heidenhein Plus IT control and 1 Mazak multitasking machine. Jobs can be moved fluently between the machines as they are all connected to MasterCam where all programs are made. This minimises the risk of errors and reduces setup times for new and repeat orders.

The 3 Gildemeister machines have rotating tools and one machine also has a Y-axis. Mazak Integrex has a full 5-axis head and a large tool hopper. The machines allow items up to Ø650mm in all materials.


Finishing of cast items

We have much experience in demanding CNC finishing of cast items in aluminium and magnesium. We mainly finish prototypes and small series. Our setup for finishing cast items has been optimised for this.

To ensure the best possible result, all of our precision machines are fitted with probes to allow probing of all cast items to find the best fit before initiating the CNC machining process.


Measuring and documentation

After CNC machining, we can offer measuring and documentation of the items.