Prototype Castings and Small Series in Aluminium and Magnesium

3D Prototype Castings

Casting lightning fast prototypes by means of 3D printed master models.

Die Casting

A tooling process for the manufacture of large numbers of prototypes and small series.

CNC Machining

Milling and turning of small to medium-sized quantities

For more than three decades, we have helped the following industries producing prototype castings and small series in aluminium and magnesium.




Solar energy


Household appliances

Power tools



Frequency converters



Experts in 3D prototype castings, die-casting, and CNC machining in aluminum and magnesium.

Welcome to the world of Formkon, where advanced 3D prototype castings, die-casting, and high-tech solutions in CNC machining are found. With over 35 years of dedicated experience, Formkon has established itself as a leading player in the industry for 3D prototype castings, die-casting, and CNC machining. Our expertise ranges from the initial design phase to final production, ensuring that our customers receive not only products but complete solutions in aluminum and magnesium that are both time and cost-efficient.

Development and design of die-cast parts

At Formkon, all die casting prototype projects begin with professional consultation. We understand the importance of being an active partner in the development phase, and therefore offer in-depth consultations based on our comprehensive knowledge and experience in die-casting. This approach ensures that we can navigate through the complex processes surrounding the development of die-cast parts quickly and efficiently, saving valuable time and money for all parties involved.

Advanced casting simulations

Complexity in design requires advanced preparation. Formkon uses state-of-the-art casting simulations to predict potential errors and optimize production processes. By using these simulations from the outset, we ensure that the manufacturing phase runs as smoothly as possible, minimizing the risk of errors, and improving the time-to-market for our customers’ prototypes.

Your Partner

Formkon is more than just a supplier; we are your partner in the development and manufacturing of 3D prototype castings, die-casting, and CNC machining. By choosing us, you not only secure a product of the highest quality but also an experience where your project is handled with expertise, care, and attention to detail from start to finish. Let us help you realize your projects and together reach new heights.

Welcome to a world where precision, innovation, and quality go hand in hand.