Plaster casting - aluminium and magnesium prototype castings 


Extremely fast prototype castings in aluminium, magnesium and zinc

Using this process, cast prototypes and small series can be made in aluminium, magnesium and zinc as well as various other metals in 5 - 10 workdays.

Following the casting process, we offer CNC post-processing of the cast items on state-of-the-art CNC machining centers, including measurements and documentation.


The principle

A 3D printed PMMA model is made from a 3D file. The PMMA model is cast in a plaster mould and subsequently burnt. Then molten metal is cast in a vacuum in the cavity created.

The process is based on free form techniques and allows the item designer great design freedom. Highly complex items with undercut and with great thickness variations can be produced without considering mould-technical issues such as release angles, radii and parting lines.

As no tool investments of any kind are involved in this process, it is highly suitable for the production of prototypes.


In-house 3D printer. Here the PMMA mastermodels are printed.

3D printer


The advantages

  • Delivery time is from 5-10 working days
  • No tool costs are required
  • Extremely complex parts with undercuts can easily be produced. Also drafts angles and parting-line definitions are not required.
  • Thin wall thicknesses of from 1 mm or less can be produced
  • The level of porosities is very limited because vacuum is applied in the casting process
  • A number of different alloys can be offered


Post treatments

After casting we offer a number of different post treatments:

  • Heat treatments
  • CNC machining
  • Measurement and documentation
  • X-Ray Analysis
  • Surface treatments
magnesium and aluminium castings - prototypes