Formkon adds value to its customers


Advice, prompt deliveries and the right quality are three decisive parameters in the production and delivery of prototypes. We understand the importance of the time to market to our customers and act accordingly.

Competent advice, even during the development phase, ensures optimum solutions and reduces costs throughout the process from prototype to series production of die cast items. On-going education and training and, not least, lots of highly specific enquiries help our specialists provide acute, competent and up-to-date advice.

Prompt deliveries are an obvious part of our service and we are working every day to optimise and improve our delivery times even further.

Proper quality the first time and as a minimum in accordance with the customer's expectations and requirements will be cost-effective for all parties.

When we reach for our Vision and has the Mission as an integral part of our daily work, it adds value to Formkon's customers, staff, the company and partners.